Aston Martin Gulf Livery for Le Mans shown image

The British based automaker Aston Martin has recently unveiled the Gulf Livery for the Vantage GTE, which will compete this weekend, at the Le Mans.

“I have been excited ever since I got the news that my design had been chosen. I loved the chance of being able to design a Gulf Aston Martin, but it’s already such a classic livery that I was wondering what I could do. I was just sketching a few thoughts out and I liked the idea of the car being a different colour on both sides. I thought about the Gulf corporate colours – dark blue, light blue, orange and white – and I came up with the idea of ‘daylight to dusk’, which to me is the most exciting part of the race”, said Jonathan Wesley, the creator of the design.

Fans were asked to design the livery of the #97 Vantage GTE a few months ago, after Aston Martin Racing has teamed up with Gulf for a contest. The winner is Jonathan Wesley, from Kettering, UK, who will also have the opportunity to be a VIP guest for the British carmaker this weekend at Le Mans. The racing car will be driven for 24 hours by Stefan Mucke and by Peter Dumbreck.