Aston Martin has a long list of locations to assess for its upcoming manufacturing facility image

The British independent supercar manufacturer is now searching across more than ten locations in Europe, the United States and other worldwide sites for the perfect setting of a new plant that will take charge in manufacturing the brand’s upcoming first crossover model.

Aston Martin is mulling the construction of a new manufacturing facility for its upcoming DBX crossover because its sole plant in Gaydon, central England, has reached its full expansion potential. According to a company spokesperson, the UK automaker has continued with the “evaluation of multiple global locations”, also saying there are more than 10 sites on survey at the moment. Last week, even the UK showed interest in being selected, with British Prime Minister David Cameron telling BBC News that he would “make available” a former air force hanger located in Wales if the carmaker chose to produce the crossover at home. Aston Martin’s chief executive officer Andy Palmer has hinted in the past the company was looking at several sites in the UK and US for the factory with the US state of Alabama among the primary contenders. The “obvious choice” would be as Mercedes-Benz, the industrial partner of the company, builds most of its sport utility vehicles in Vance, Alabama.

Daimler, the parent of Mercedes-Benz, the third largest premium automaker in the world, has taken a five percent holding in Aston Martin as the German company will deliver engines and other electronic systems such as infotainment systems to be used in the supercar manufacturer’s upcoming new generation models.

Via Automotive News Europe