British luxury manufacturer has a new target buyer. Meet Charlotte. She is an upscale Californian in her late 30s that wants a people- and cargo-hauling crossover. To cater for that, Aston Martin’s CEO, Andy Palmer announced that the brand is planning on producing a five-door crossover, a lineup of redesigned sports cars and a new sedan in order to increase its global car volume.


Palmer is set on boosting auto volume for Aston to make it profitable and to also have funds for new product development. The brand’s CEO believes that female buyers are the key to Aston’s pursuit of that. He stated that “The logic is simple. We sold 70,000 cars in 102 years – less than half left the U.K., 3,500 were to women and 2,000 to the emerging markets”.


Palmer is now looking to reach 7,000 global sales which do not count the DBX crossover and the new Lagonda sedan. The Aston plant in Gaydon, England, can manufacture 10,000 cars on two shifts, and 15,000 vehicles on three.


In March, the Financial Times said that Aston was taking into account a U.S. production of the crossover. This vehicle will appeal to the above mentioned Charlotte who is looking for “that shell of safety and needs flexibility and room for the children” according to Palmer.


The British automaker’s CEO also added that the upcoming crossover will open the brand to a new segment and new customers, while also having the Asian market in mind, which has been avoiding the brand for a while now.



By Gabriela Florea


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