Aston Martin Might Get Mercedes-Benz AMG Engines image

In the future Aston Martin vehicles might be fitted with Mercedes-Benz AMG engines, electric architectures and gearboxes.

Investindustrial, the Italian equity firm that recently sold Ducati to Audi, has bought 37.5% in Aston for £150 million. The company will work together with Investment Dar, which is the majority shareholder and minority shareholders such as Aston chairman David Richards and Aston CEO Ulrich Bez. This deal will cement Aston Martin’s existing £100 million per year product development programme for the following five years.

Although other important companies, such as Toyota, BMW, Gelly and Mahindra & Mahindra, were interested in the Aston Martin share, Investindustrial’s offer swung the deal. Although Mahindra offered more money, Investindustrial’s partnership with Mercedes and AMG helped the company win the deal.

A senior Mercedes source said on Investindustrial, “We know these guys. They were behind Ducati and we had a very closely knit marketing deal with them. They rang and asked if they won the bid for Aston would we be interested in being a technology partner.”

It is rumored that Aston Martin seeks from AMG a new V12 engine as a replacement for the ageing Ford-manufactured unit it currently uses. But Aston Martin vehicles also need improved emissions and increased performance, so the collaboration will not stop only at engines.