Aston Martin officially leaks the Lagonda prototype in large gallery image

While we usually come up with spy shots made by our own photographers and the cars are more or less obscured by intricate camouflage patterns, this time around everything is out in the open.

While so far Aston Martin teased with the usual mysterious image the model, late last month the British automaker turned away from the usual practice and revealed photos with the Lagonda prototype sent to Oman for testing.

Now, since it looks like the vast wilderness of Oman’s countryside provided little cover for spy photographers, Aston Martin took its own official “spy” shots and released them for all of us to see.

The Lagonda verification prototype is the star of the extensive shooting session, but we can also catch a (happy, be the way it looks like) glimpse of a testing engineers day of work.

The flagship model has been specifically designed for the Middle East, sporting a classical design mixed with decidedly futuristic components – a bold statement to the company’s intentions of the future. The particular testing prototype is scheduled to be tested in Oman for around 14,000 miles (22,530 km) then head back to UK for additional “stress.”

The new Lagonda has a carbon fiber body and sits on the Rapide VH platform – it will be built in a limited series that shouldn’t surpass the 100 units threshold – with an upgraded V12 6.0-liter engine churning under the hood around 600 bhp (447 kW) – good for a 62 mph run in 4.2 seconds.