Aston Martin One-77 details image

After it was firstly unveiled at Paris Motor Show, this limited super car, which is already sold ( 77 cars will be built and there are already 100 requests ) will be one of the most expensive car in the world, £1.02m (plus tax).
Aston One-77 will have 4576mm long, ( shorter than the 4700mm DB9 ), lower than a Vantage, at 1223mm, and a whopping 1990m wide.
“It’s not all about power or being in a performance race with Bugatti,” said Aston boss Ulrich Bez. “It’s a fabulous, hand-built car that’s the pinnacle of what Aston Martin can achieve.”
“Although the One-77 is two metres wide, it’s still got a lot of form in the shape, the waist is in and out, which gives it a very dynamic and elegant look,” said Bez.

The ultra-exclusive car is going to be powered by a 7.0-liter V12 engine, who will deliver aprox. 700bhp and 520lb ft, but the exact output haven’t been decided.

“The engine is a magnificent piece of work,” said Bez. “It looks like art, like a watch where you can see all the parts.”

With a total weight of just 1500kg thanks to a carbonfibre tub, One -77 will have a maximum speed of at least 200mph.

Only four or five of the cars will be sold in the UK, with a maximum of six allocated to the US.