Aston Martin One-77 is already sold !!! image

The new super-exclusive coupe from Aston Martin codenamed the One-77 will be launch in late 2009 with an “exclusive” price too  – £1.2 million ( 1.54 million euro or 2.1 million dollars ).

All we have about this car are some technical details, photos and a unfinished model presented at Paris Motor Show. And, we know that only 77 units will be build.

But if you want to sell the house, your second house, your apartment, your parents house, and finally you manages to gather £1.2 million – well is too late! Is too late because, over 100 buyers have signed up for the One-77 and made a £200,000 deposit. But for 23 of them is already too late ! And you are the 101-th buyer.

More about the One-77.

The car will be powered by a 7.0 liter V12 engine who will deliver 700 hp. Based on a sophisticated carbon fiber chassis with a handcrafted aluminum body, this super car will deliver exhilarating performance.

Aston martin One-77 Video