Aston Martin plans new model for 2016 – most likely the long waited SUV image

Aston Martin plans to launch a new model by 2016 – 2017, chief financial officer Hanno Kirner said during an interview with Financial Times.

The executive did not provided any more details – but the new vehicle, most likely will be the long waited luxury SUV – and considering the new partnership between the British luxury firm and Daimler’s Mercedes-Benz, the Lagonda SUV is likely to be based on the next generation Mercedes GL platform (MRA – modular rear-drive architecture).
In addition, Mercedes is already working on a new platform for its SLK and SL sports cars – a platform that is expected to be ready somewhere in 2019 or 2020, and according to some media reports, this new platform, dubbed MSA (modular sports car architecture) may end up in a few Astons as well.

Last week Aston Martin announced announces that it has secured additional funding through the issue of $165 million Senior Subordinated Pay-in-Kind (PIK) notes due 2018.

“This provides a solid foundation for the execution of our future product plan, allowing Aston Martin to pursue its strategic objective of continuing to develop and launch some of the world’s most exciting new sports cars.”

The British manufacturer was founded in 1931 and from 1994 until 2007 was owned by Ford. In December 2012 Investindustrial, the Italian private equity fund buys 37,5 percent of Aston Martin for 190 million euros ($246 million).
The automaker operates 148 dealers across 44 countries.

-images showing the Lagonda SUV Concept during the Geneva Motor Show