Last week the British high-end manufacturer announced a sweeping recall, which ultimately raises the question if sourcing parts manufacturing thousands of miles away in China, without adequate quality control is a safe bet.

Aston Martin last week recalled most of its cars produced since 2007 after it discovered some Chinese subcontractors had used counterfeit plastic material in parts supplied to the company.

Although executives from automakers said they either totally avoid Chinese suppliers or establish with them quality production processes and train workers to avoid such problems; some Chinese plastic traders acknowledged to a Reuters reporter that such us of counterfeit plastic material is actually widespread as manufacturers cope with increasing cost pressures.

“There is risk in expanding our procurement reach within China, ” said a Toyota official. “When we do buy from Chinese suppliers, we do so only after starting small with a simpler component and taking time to nurture them.”

Although Nissan, for example, is currently aggressively expanding its Chinese supplier base, on the other hand even a Chinese-owned company like Covpress, a British-based supplier of pedal assemblies and other parts to carmakers like General Motors, Renault and Jaguar Land Rover, said it skips manufacturing in China altogether to “allay fears” about quality and supply chain security.

Via Reuters


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