If the AM-RB 001 and the track-exclusive Vulcan wanted a baby supercar brother than here’s a very interesting candidate for the position – though it’s unfortunately only a digital artist’s rendering.

The iconic British manufacturer, one of the last exotic producers still independent, has had a great track record lately – even though it goes through financial woes – as they delivered the astonishing circuit-exclusive Vulcan and now prepare for the AM-RB 001. Both have in excess of 800 horsepower and enough aerodynamic bodywork to go head to head with a Formula One car. French rendering artist Adrien Fuinel has now come up with a concept supercar that would fit the range – Aston Martin RR, a supercar designed to fill the gap between the Vulcan and the road-legal DB11.

Aston Martin RR concept is not real… but we wish 1

The concept is of course engineering to the absolute bring of “existance” – though Fuinel didn’t trouble to say what heart has the machine – we imagine it’s a V12, maybe assisted by an electric motor for hybrid hypercar duties. The concept being a render, has an extremely sophisticated – yet simple – design. For now, people need to look forward to the AM-RB 001 if they want to go all out, or the DB11 and DB11 Volante if they want something more “relaxed”.

Via Adrien Fuinel / Behance


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