Aston Martin settles Thunderbolt lawsuit with Henrik Fisker image

The former Aston Martin designer had plans to return to the auto industry stage, but the British company disliked his approach – and thus slammed a lawsuit in the United States.

Henrik Fisker, well known for his failed attempt to establish a green automaker, had decided to rejoin the automotive elite with a special project – called the Thunderbolt supercar. He unveiled his concept, a $400,000 supercar that was allegedly based on the current Aston Martin Vanquish, during the Amelia Island Concours d’ Elegance classic-car show and auction last month. Fisker said the model would bring custom styling and cosmetic features to the classic Aston design and planned to market the model through Galpin Aston Martin, a California dealer.

But the British supercar maker, which once employed Fisker as his design director, decided to sue him on March 27, claiming Thunderbolt was actually an unauthorized copy and it trespassed on the company’s intellectual property rights. Now it turns out the lawsuit was dropped, after Aston Martin issued a statement in which it said it agreed to settle the matter after Fisker decided to axe his plans for the model.

Fisker seems to be pursued by bad luck ever since he left the British supercar maker, with the establishment of its own company, that initially produced modified BMW’s, the Fisker Tramonto and Latigo had little success. He then tried an original design – a hybrid supercar, called Karma, that was quickly beleaguered by reliability and quality issues and led to the company’s bankruptcy.

Via Automotive News Europe