Aston Martin teams up with Collette brand to create limited edition Cygnet image

We all know about a possible partnership between Aston martin and Maybach. But this time, Aston has joined forces with boutique French fashion brand Collette to create an extra exclusive Cydet.

Now in case you don’t know who is Collette – well we must inform you that a simple jacket starts at 500 euros and can go up to 20.000 euros! Again, simple jacket!

The extra exclusivist city car from Aston martin will be limited to only 14 14 examples and will include ainless steel hand formed and engraved door handle badges, a Thomas Fattorini hand enameled boot badge branded with the fashion house’s logo and a branded satellite navigation system. So when you will start the car, most probably you will see the Collette logo on the screen…

The automaker said that the 14 Cygnet & colette cars can be placed through the colette store in Paris for delivery by the end of the year, with prices starting at around $78,000. Again $78,000 – that is €48,995 at current exchange rates!

“Aston Martin and colette are both cool brands that successfully blend modernity and innovation. It made perfect sense to work together and create this limited piece of automotive fashion for the city. The colette car is the first of the exclusive ‘Cygnet &’ collaborations. These cars will give Aston Martin a relevant platform to reach out to new customers in urban areas,” said Aston Martin Director of Design, Marek Reichman.