British luxury carmaker Aston Martin announced it chose St. Athan in Wales as a site for its second plant, where the brand would produce the new DBX crossover.

A new production facility will push Aston Martin to further growth and will help the British brand to return to profitability. There were many reports in recent months pointing out several sites for the automaker’s second plant. The latest rumours revealed that two UK locations, one in the US state of Alabama and one in the Middle East were being considered by the Aston’s board, a list narrowed from 19 possible initial sites to produce DBX models. The confirmation finally came from the premium maker on Wednesday, saying it decided to build the new crossover in St. Athan, Wales, as part of its 200-million-pound investment (around 280 million dollars) in new cars and facilities. Additionally, Aston said that production of next-generation sports cars would be focused at its headquarters and manufacturing centre in Gaydon, Warwickshire, while the output of the recently announced all-electric RapidE is also to be located at Gaydon, starting in 2018.

It is expected that up to 1,000 new employees will be hired across St. Athan and Gaydon between now and 2020 and across the supply chain and local businesses, and a further 3,000 jobs will likely to be created as a direct result of these investments. The construction on the new 90 acres site is planned to begin in 2017, with full vehicle production starting in 2020. Aston plans to both replace and expand its entire sports car portfolio within the next five years. Starting with the new DB11, sports car manufacturing will be centred at its headquarter with the facility progressively expanding production to a planned maximum volume of 7,000 sports cars a year by the end of the decade.


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