Aston Martin US dealers could succumb image

According to one of the British sports car manufacturer’s top dealers in the US, the sales network in the country could turn up in the red and need to close down if the company doesn’t get a relief from new crash standards.

The Gaydon, England-based Aston Martin – particularly known for its prominence in James Bond movies, is among the last surviving members of the ultra-luxury guild that wasn’t bought by a global automaker or multinational manufacturing group. That’s why its cash funding inability has stretched models like the DB9 and Vantage to their teeth. Now, the cars would be unable to pass a new, additional US crash test that assesses side impact protection against utility poles, trees and other narrow, fixed items.

“The financial viability of Aston Martin dealers is very much in question,” wrote in a letter to the National Highway Traffic Safety Administration James Walker, chairman of the automaker’s US dealer group. “If dealers make the decision to shutter the franchise, a very likely outcome, the impact on employment is significant.”

If the automaker is unable to sell the DB9 and Vantage, two models that have had their next generations postponed yet again, Walker said the majority of dealerships would turn up with huge losses. Additionally, the convertible models of the brand, which got an exemption until September 2015, if banned, would trigger losses at each and every dealer in the country.

Via Bloomberg