Aston Martin wants to create a sales company in China image

Martin Ulrich Bez CEO of Aston Martin has announced that the luxury automobile marquee will be establishing an independent sales company in China, the Beijing Times reported today. According to the same source, the company will operate 14 dealers in the country.

“Currently, we have three segments in our global market, each making up roughly 30 percent – America, Europe and Asia. The American and European markets are relatively steady, while the Asian market is extremely robust, driven by the strong growth in China,” he said.

Aston Martin’s “emerging market growth potential has not yet been fully explored,” Bez said.

Aston Martin, which delivered 4,299 vehicles for the year ended March 31, expects to sell “a few hundred” vehicles in China this year, Bez said.

Hanno Kirner, chief financial officer, said: “We will look at [location] when it comes. There have been some luxury listings in Hong Kong.”

Ulrich Bez, chief executive, said: “We are of British origin, but we are a global company. We are not limited to England.”

At this moment, Aston Martin’s manufacturing plant is capable of producing 10,000 cars annually, and it’s CEO would like to have 80% of the company’s cars sold outside of UK, the paper notes. If sales in China reach 2,000 annually, the company would consider opening a factory there

The British automaker, owned by Middle Eastern investment funds but built at Gaydon in Warwickshire, has revealed that it is “imminently” to gain a national import licence into China that will transform the company.