Aston Martin’s 11th Vulcan out of 24 will go under the hammer image

This is the first time the track-exclusive behemoth, packing its V12 monster of an engine complete with 820 hp, will be offered on the open market during an upcoming auction.

The car no.11 out of the only 24 units ever made will be up for grabs at Mecum’s Monterey sale in August. This is a bit surprising – seeing one of the only 24 examples ever built of the Vulcan out in the open this fast, since the deliveries only took place earlier this year. This might be a serious case of profit looking shenanigans – just consider the fact that Aston Martin specifically invited each and every new owner after a careful and considerate screening process – in order to avoid just that. Aston had high hopes they wouldn’t simply flip their Vulcan for profit…

Aston Martin’s 11th Vulcan out of 24 will go under the hammer 11

Anyways, we’re treated here to the 11 build example, which has been covered in a great shade of purpley blue. Motivation is of course provided by the naturally aspirated, flame-throwing V12 that is actually an upgrade of the mill used in the GT3 Vantage, and bored out to 7.0-litres. With 820 hp on tow, it will have no problems raising the dead from the graves through that Inconel and titanium exhaust. Fortunately, it’s restricted to track use so there aren’t any cemeteries nearby – so no Walking Dead. There’s also the carbon fiber chassis tub manufactured by Multimatic, a six-speed sequential transmission from Xtrac, a clutch from Sachs, electronic control unit from Cosworth, carbon ceramic brakes by Brembo, adjustable pedal box by AP Racing, seats from Recaro, etc.