Aston Martin’s latest… is a block residence in Miami image

Ok, we didn’t expect that from Aston Martin, even if we’re kinda’ used to bonkers projects such as the track-only Vulcan or the recent AM Red Bull Vakyrie… but moving inside an Aston Martin is certainly something unexpected.

Well that’s gotta’ be the ultimate fan action – after exiting your Aston Martin supercar you’ll be able to enter your Aston Martin residence. The company has started construction on… a block of flats in Miami, a tower with 391 apartments ranging from one to four bedrooms in size, some of them gaining great sea views of the Atlantic. If you’re gunning for the top better hurry and reserve one of eight penthouses, each featuring its own pool and private terrace. Aston Martin is even using “key design elements” into the build, including carbon fiber reception desks, leather fobs for your house keys, and “bespoke artisan Aston Martin door handles.” Yep, that’s an art thing!

Aston Martin’s latest… is a block residence in Miami 1

Floors 52 through 55 will even encompass the block’s own ecosystem for when residents don’t want to mix with mundane Earthlings – double-level fitness center overlooking the ocean, a spin studio, boxing gym, virtual golf room, art gallery, two cinemas, full-service spa, beauty center, and barber shop. Aston Martin naturally isn’t doing this all by itself – instead partnering with German Coto, CEO of G&G Developments, who is “looking forward to admiring the view” from the top of the building when it is finished. Of course, prices for the apartments will exceed those for the additional supercar, starting from around £500,000 to over £38 million when the building is done in 2021.