Aston Martin’s new teaser for the Vantage is in tune with the Halloween image

The woods, at night, something that shimmers light from under a mysterious cover – it’s Aston Martin’s latest take on the Halloween hallow – with a touch of teaser for the new Vantage.

They should have captured the image on October 31 and also place a carved pumpkin as an Easter Egg somewhere. Aston Martin has already missed the chance to unveil the new V8 Vantage on Halloween, but by the looks of it the official introduction is drawing ever closer. The upcoming Los Angeles Auto Show might be the perfect venue to showcase the all-new generation of the Vantage in front of the worldwide audience, possibly with an online preview before that. For now we have to contend with another teaser of the performance sports car that is said to draw heavily from the styling of the James Bond DB10.

Last week’s teaser showed us the cool full-width taillights, and now we have both the front and rear lighting signatures. The cover sheet hasn’t fallen yet, but we do know the Vantage is riding on a more compact version of the aluminum-intensive platform of the DB11, thus coming in even lighter. It should also appropriately sport the Mercedes-AMG biturbo 4.0-liter V8 engine sourced from the partnership between Aston and the German manufacturer. The rumor mill is also talking about the arrival of the biturbo 5.2-liter V12 from the DB11 to give the smaller car supercar credentials.