These first images of the GTC may show it in a virtual landscape, but as it races down an imaginary road, real test cars are now running final validation drives – the Astra GTC is officially a production reality.

The front grille isn’t quite so swooping, the 911 Turbo-alike LEDs have been switched for conventional fog lights, and the exhaust trims no longer sit flush with the back bumper, but apart from that this production Astra GTC remains pretty true to the GTC Paris concept.

And on June 7 – in just six weeks’ time – Vauxhall will reveal full details about the GTC to coincide with its order books opening. Pricing, technology, equipment and powertrains will be laid bare, giving customers the chance to specify their ideal model and place an order early.
The first production version of the Astra GTC will then receive its world premiere at the Frankfurt Motor Show, on September 15, with first cars appearing in UK showrooms late autumn this year.
Based on last year’s GTC Paris concept car, the production GTC will feature a 3-door body with dramatic proportions, yet will be capable of carrying five adults.

It will feature the very best of Vauxhall’s latest technology, as well as unique chassis features.



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