Italian automaker Automobili Turismo e Sport is one of those companies that has been reborn like the Phoenix – and has now officially presented its latest model, the track-exclusive Dieci.

The track-ready car is already being offered to prospective buyers and follows the model presented last year – the 2500 GT which was in turn a roadworthy supercar. Meanwhile the Dieci has been exclusively tailored to be used on the tracks all around the world and looks very close to have been inspired by the prototypes currently doing the rounds during the Le Mans race. The motivation comes courtesy of Japan’s Honda – though in a bit of an odd switch it’s not the car department providing it – it’s the motorcycle unit. As it goes the Dieci has a 1.0-liter Honda motorcycle engine churning out 190 horsepower and delivering an impressive power-to-weight ratio of 490 hp / ton to the model that has been named for some reason “Ten” (Dieci in Italian).

The 2016 ATS Dieci has other racetrack worthy amenities: front and rear independent fully adjustable suspension, djustable Quaife limited-slip differential, brakes come from Tarox and have six-piston calipers and front & rear ventilated discs. Surface contact is provided via the lightweight 13-inch alloy wheels and other interesting tidbits are the aluminum radiators, digital dashboard, or Sparco steering wheel. ATS says the car has already been on sale – 15 units have already been delivered – and they are currently homologating the model according to FIA’s E2B Sport Prototype regulations.


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