Auction to include first ever couple of Pontiac Firebirds image

Next month in Las Vegas, the Barrett-Jackson auction will see one – or maybe two – lucky aficionados become the owners of the first two Pontiac Firebirds ever produced.

These are two American motoring icons, as the auction includes the first Pontiac Firebird coupe (silver) and very first Pontiac Firebird (red), both looking as if just taken out the factory gates. The Firebird was first presented by Pontiac back in 1967 and was pitched as an alternative to the Chevrolet Camaro – the two shared the same platform. But the Firebird came with the unique “Coke bottle” styling and a range of engine options, as well as convertible and coupe body styles.


Almost half a century old, the couple seen here are the very first examples Pontiac has produced, with VIN #001 and #002. There are even body tags labeled “Show Body 1” for the convertible, and “Show Body 4” for the coupe. The models were used for auto shows and advertising and then sold to a private collector. Both have been restored to their original condition and will be sold as a pair – and you can bet they won’t come cheap.