Audi A1 – video mapping image

The Small A1 with the four-ring badge on it can be considered the car of the moment in its segment and how else could the German automaker highlight it than with a video mapping.

The Audi A1 presented in the video can change its exterior color by the second while its wheels are spinning and its front logo seems to be an extra front light. All of that is happening by using special effects and the small hatch appears to ride on all kinds of surfaces and for a second it even appears to be rally-prepped.

We don’t exactly know for now any details about the video mapping where the small A1 had the major role but this interesting YouTube find immediately caught our attention.

The video mapping could be a masked commercial for A1’s new 2.0 liter diesel engine, which is delivering 143 horsepower at 4.200 rpm and 320 Nm of torque, challenging the Mini Cooper SD.

But we better cut the small talk and let you watch the video below. Enjoy!