Audi A1 Cabrio might come in 2013 image

The German based automaker Audi might launch the A1 Cabrio model in 2013.

After Audi has launched the Sportback and the A1 Quattro limited edition, the smallest model in the automaker’s lineup might come in a different version, the Cabrio. According to the guys at, if the Audi A1 Cabrio will catch the production line, its roof might be inspired by the Fiat 500C, and if the model will be manufactured, this will be a high risk for the current smallest convertible in the Audi lineup, the A3 Cabrio, because the top of the line A1 Cabrio will rival with the entry-level of the A3 Cabrio.

There is no official word on the Audi A1 Cabrio yet but if the model gets the green light for production, the vehicle is expected to share the engine range with the current A1. Besides the small A1 Cabrio, Audi is also planning to launch the Q4 crossover, which will share the same platform as the Porsche Cajun. The Q4 will come with a coupe design and a 500 liter trunk capacity. The Audi A9 is also in the work and rumors say that this model will be launched in 2013 at the Frankfurt Motor Show. The A9 is expected to come as a four-door coupe, with 5.15 meters in length and in the top of the line version the model will get a twelve-cylinder engine.