Audi A2 Concept – official images released image

The Audi A2 will return on the auto market as an all-new electric vehicle concept and the German automaker has released a few official images of what should be the future rival of BMW’s i3.

Officially revealed in details and sketches a while ago, the new A2 concept has a good chance to develop a new segment for premium, compact, electric vehicles, along with its main rival, the i3 made by BMW.

According to the Audi Group, the A2 concept is 3.80 meters long (12.47 ft), 1.69 meters wide and 1.49 meters high (4.89 ft), and these are the only figures that the German automaker has provided in the press release, focusing mainly on the design aspects of the vehicle.

The new generation of the eco-friendly A2 is expected to be presented at the Frankfurt Motor Show next week, when it will officially open its gates. Audi will release power-train details of its new A2 EV concept at the German event.