Audi A2, facelift A5 to be unveiled at Frankfurt Motor Show image

After BMW announced a week ago that will storm the Frankfurt Motor Show with 4 new models, Audi, today said that will come at Frankfurt with the new A2 concept vehicle.

According to AutoExpress, the car is expected to preview a production model that is being developed to battle the 2013 BMW i3. The fresh model will retain this construction, but will be priced higher. Audi is set to justify the premium – and set the car apart from the more conventional A1 and A3 – with impressive technical innovation.

“The spaceframe is, was and always will be the car’s core,” a source says, reiterating the fact that the A2 will stick to the lighter metal.

“It will only be an electric car. Most battery models are compromised as they are built on rehashed architecture, but the A2 will be built from the ground up as a pure electric machine. The idea is so popular [at Audi] that it could even spawn a family of A2 electric models and become almost a standalone brand,” a company insider says.

As about the facelifted A5, the automaker said that will include new cosmetic and mechanical upgrades. Visually the new A5 will feature freshly designed headlights, with integrated LED daytime running lights, a new front bumper and a slightly re-styled front grille.