Audi A3 Avant rendered image

The first rendering with the Audi A3 Avant have just made their way onto the web and they might provide us with a first look into what may become a production car.

The German based automaker Audi didn’t announce its plans to introduce an Avant version of the new Audi A3 generation, but considering the fact that the model is already available as a three-door hatchback, a five-door hatchback, a Sportback and a sedan, with the cabrio variant coming soon, the Avant version doesn’t seem to be out of question. The two renderings posted below have been provided by and we must say that the A3 Avant looks quite interesting.

If it will indeed hit the market, the Audi A3 Avant will probably ride on the same MQB platform as its brothers and sisters, and it might share the same engine lineup with the A3 Sportback. This might include the 1.6 liter TDI, with 184 HP and 380 Nm of torque, the 1.2 liter TFSI with 105 HP and the 1.4 liter TFSI with 122 HP and 140 HP. The top of the line will probably be the 1.8 liter TFSI with 180 HP and 250 Nm of torque, that is if no RS or S Line version will be made.

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