Audi A3 Cabrio going to Frankfurt image

The German based automaker Audi has recently announced its plans to introduce the new A3 Cabrio next week, during the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show, in a world premiere.

After it was spied a few times, the brand new Audi A3 Cabrio is being placed into the spotlights once again, this time with the carmaker officially announcing its public debut at the 2013 Frankfurt Motor Show. According to the company, the new Audi A3 Cabrio will be unveiled on Sunday, the 8th of September, a 00:01 a.m. CEST.

“Audi is once again unveiling a new automobile on the Internet: Audi MediaTV ( will host an exclusive broadcast of the new Audi A3 Cabriolet as it celebrates its online world premiere on Sunday, September 8, 2013 at 00:01 a.m. CEST”, as the carmaker is saying in its official press release.

The brand new Audi A3 Cabrio will get high performance assistance systems, improved versatility and a fabric roof. The model in question will get an engine lineup which will include the 1.4 liter TFSI, producing 140 HP (103 kW), a 180 HP (132 kW) 1.8 liter TFSI and a 2.0 liter TDI with two outputs, 150 HP (110 kW) and 184 HP (135 kW). An S3 Cabrio with 300 HP (221 kW) is also expected to make its way onto the market.