Audi A3 G-Tron goes on sale in Germany image

The brand new Audi A3 G-Tron has recently went on sale on its local market, Germany, where the model in question has been priced from 25,900 euros.

Good news for those of you who are looking for an alternative fuel vehicle, preferable a premium hatchback in this case, as the new Audi A3 G-Tron has been recently launched in Germany. The model in question can run on natural gas, e-gas, generated by Audi or gasoline, and it has been priced from 25,900 euros, on its local auto market. Audi says that when running on e-gas, the model in question is entirely CO2 neutral, because this is a synthetic methane produced at the company’s e-gas facility in Germany.

The Audi e-gas is generated using electricity and the vehicle consumes between 3.2 and 3.3 kg of gas every 100 km, which is the equivalent of fuel costs of approximately 3.5 euros (4.8 USD) every 100 km. Audi says that customers of the A3 G-Tron can be getting the e-gas by using a fuel card and with the carmaker recording the quantities of gas that the customer is paying means that the exactly amount of e-gas is fed into the natural gas network of Germany. The Audi e-gas fuel card can be had for 14,95 euros (20,44 USD) monthly.