Audi A3 g-tron sales begin image

Beginning with February 13, advance sales at German dealership begin for the new A3 g-tron, which can be fueled with Audi’s new, advanced synthetic e-gas. Prices for the model start at 25,900 euros.

Audi’s e-gas, which is a synthetic methane, is being supplied by the first of its kind industrial power-to-gas Audi plant, located in Werlte in Lower Saxony, Germany. According to Audi, the new A3 g-tron is an integral part of their new concept of an integrated, sustainable mobility.

Prof. Dr. Ulrich Hackenberg, Board Member for Technical Development at AUDI AG, emphasizes: “In addition to our e-mobility developments, the Audi e-gas project is an important pillar of our sustainability strategy – as is the development of other synthetic fuels.”

Equipped with a 1.4-liter TFSI engine good for 81 kW (110 hp), the A3 g-tron can use natural gas, e-gas generated by Audi or gasoline. With an average fuel consumption of 3.2 to 3.3 kilograms of gas per 100 kilometers, the A3 g-tron driven with Audi e-gas is actually CO2-neutral – the company records how much gas was purchased and feds the same amount of e-gas into Germany’s natural gas network.