The German car manufacturer Audi could bring a surprise for future customers of the new A4 generation, which will make its debut in 2014, by launching a plug-in hybrid version for their sedan.

Rumors say that the next generation of the A4 will also bring a plug-in hybrid version from the Ingolstadt auto maker, but the electric motor will not be connected to the thermic aggregate, and the car running on the “eco-friendly” unit will have an autonomy of 60 km.

The new generation of the A4 will be based on the global MBL Evo platform, and the engineers will be able to take down up to 150 kg of the car’s weight, which will also bring down the fuel consumption, and with the help of the plug-in hybrid technology, the CO2 emissions will be drastically cut down.

The new A4 is expected to be powered by the same diesel and petrol engines which might be slightly modified to offer more power and less fuel consumption, but no official details have been announced yet.


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