Audi A6 Hybrid coming next year image

The German car manufacturer Audi has announced the production of a hybrid version of the A6, scheduled for 2012.

The new gas-electric A6 will be powered by a four-cylinder 2.0 TFSI turbo charged direct-injection, which will be assisted by a 40 kW electric motor, both delivering a combined 241 horse power and 354 pound-feet of torque.

According to the automaker, the new A6 Hybrid will accelerate from 0 to 60 mph in less than 7.3 seconds and it will have a top speed of 148 mph.

The luxurious car will be fitted with the automatic stop-start system which will return a 37 mpg average fuel consumption, which can go even to 62 mph for short briefs, when the A6 is running on the electric motor.

The hybrid version will be distinguished from its petrol brother by discreet Hybrid nameplates on the fenders, the sills and the deck lid.

Even though the new A6 is scheduled to appear in the US showrooms this summer, no current specifications about introducing the hybrid version to the local auto market have been made.