Audi A6 pickup spotted in China image

An Audi A6 pickup has been recently caught on camera in China, and if you though you’ve probably seen everything by now, you’re in for a big surprise.

After images of the BMW pickup have turned out to be fake and nothing more than an April fool’s day prank, we are not so sure about this Audi A6 pickup because we are not in April, not even in March yet, and these images have been taken in China, where everything is possible when talking about cars, and not only. If our readers from the United States of America are looking at this article they are probably saying “hmm… interesting vehicle”, and so are the Australians, but us here in Europe don’t really have a thing for pickup trucks, especially if they are made from a luxury sedan.

Even if we don’t exactly have any official details on the Audi A6 pickup, or better to say we don’t have any details at all, we still have to thank the guys at for these images, and after that, we must pray that if this is for real, it will stay right there and not make its way onto the European auto market. You can watch the mini photo gallery with the Audi A6 pickup truck below. Enjoy!