Audi A6L first in luxury car complaint ranking list image

The Audi A6L was ranked first in the “luxury car complaint ranking list” conducted by China Securities Journal and the car complaints network (vehicle 3.15) during November 18-24.

Other luxury cars that made the list include the Mercedes-Benz C-Class, Subaru forester and Jeep Compass, etc..

Shanghai Securities News reported that the Audi A6L had a total of 27 complaint cases during the period with focus on the gearbox, pumps, headlights, insufficient engine oil and other core problems. While up until now, Audi has not yet addressed these problems or issued a recall. The luxury brand sold 150,000 vehicles in the Chinese market in 2009, and is expected to break the 200,000 sales mark this year.

Moreover, the Volvo S Series kicked the Mercedes-Benz S-class out of the top ten with 16 complaints; Great Wall Motors, with 251 complaint cases, surpassed Dongfeng Nissan’s 249 complaints to come in sixth place.

Great Wall Motor got 17 more complaint cases than it did last time due to a slew of quality issues with its Teng Yi C30 car, such as reduction of components, air conditioning and refrigeration problems, occurrence of abnormal sound/shaking ( when the engine is cold), and other common problems.

Below is the “top ten luxury car complaint ranking list” conducted during November 18-24:

1. Audi A6L 27
2. BMW 5 Series 23
3. Audi A4L 20
4. Mercedes-Benz C-Class 19
5. Jeep Compass 18
6. BMW 3 Series 17
7. Mercedes-Benz E-Class 16
8. Volvo S Class 16
9. Crown 15
10. Subaru forester 14