Audi A8 L armored by the Russians image

The luxurious A8 L model from Audi just received “new winter clothes” from ArmorTech, the Russians stretching it and armoring it, making Jason Statham’s “Transporter” vehicle look like a toy.

Known for their ambitious projects which involved cars like the Bentley Mulsanne, the Russians at ArmorTech gave the luxurious A8 L a special touch. Besides its armor, the car is now 400 mm longer with 150 mm added to the front doors.

The engineers at ArmorTech guarantee future customers that the technical changes were made in order to adapt its new features. The A8 L is still powered by the same W12 6.3 liter engine which is developing 500 horsepower, the unit remaining stock. However the Russians played with the car’s breaking system and chassis to support the extra weight.

The Audi A8 L now can be truly called a limousine, with its new glass panel that separates the front and rear compartments, along with its new media center. ArmorTech says that the A8 is offered with the B6 protection level, which means everything from bullet proof glass to explosive resistant steel and Kevlar materials.

Now the Mid-East dictators can choose a modern car which can help them escape from riots or just simply offering them a glamorous appearance.