We can’t wait for July 11 to come faster – this is when the Audi teasing madness of the A8 will conclude with the fullsize sedan’s new generation official introduction in standard and A8L form.

We’re probably countless teasers away from the happy moment – so Audi is again teasing the all-new A8 in the long-wheelbase specification, with a complete reverse of the “you can look, but you can’t touch” proverb. The company took some German bloggers and blindfolded them – then allowed them to have a touch festival of the exterior and interior. The teaser also comes with a huge batch of images, and we can catch partial glimpses of the taillights – we’re getting pretty sure they use OLED technology. We also saw the wide chrome grille and laser-equipped headlights that are most likely just optional even on the A8L.

Audi A8 teaser involves blindfolded bloggers 11

The version here is probably equipped with all the bells and whistles, including the massaging feet relaxation chairs inside. Audi’s new flagship is also bringing for the first time in a series produced model from Ingolstadt the touch functions for the climate control settings sitting just below what appears as a giant touchscreen for the MMI infotainment system. The same touch panel is available in the back, where the affluent owner can play with the car’s complete settings – from phone, sunroof, perfume dispenser to the Bang & Olufsen audio system.


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