Audi Aims to Match Last Year’s Operating Profit in 2012 image

Audi announced it is on its way of reaching last year’s operating profit of $6.92 billion (5.35 billion euro).

At the end of the third-quarter, Audi reported sales of 1, 097,540 units, compared with 973,154 units sold last year, and a revenue of 37.7 billion euro, an increase of 16.3% from last year’s 32.4 billion euro. The automaker’s operating profit increased 6.1% to 4.2 billion euro, compared with 4.0 billion euro in 2011.

“After three quarters of the year, we are still well on track to reach our target for the year,” said Axel Strotbek, Member of the Board of Management of AUDI AG for Finance and Organization.

According to him the automaker will sell 1.4 million vehicles this year and therefore the operating profit will kept up on a par with 2011. During the third quarter, Audi sold 364,303 vehicles, up from last year’s 320,262 vehicles. Analysts believe that his increase in sales is due to the automaker’s development and strategic market programs, such as the Audi City retail concept, and also by higher productivity and improved processes.

Audi is ready to attract even more customers with its new models such as the A1 Sportback and the Audi Q3. The automaker also relies on the new generation of the Audi A3, which has been on sale since the end of August.