Audi and Coca-Cola will let Super Bowl XLVII viewers make a call regarding the Super Sunday commercials’ ending.

Both Audi and Coca-Cola will adopt the “choose your own ad-venture” approach, which means that viewers will be able to decide how the February 3rd commercials will end. During the game, Coca-Cola will have a 60-second ad, but will release a 30-second teaser ad before the game on the Internet and cable TV. The teaser will show three groups competing for a giant Coke bottle: a bus full of showgirls, cowboys on horseback and a collection of Mad Max-like rogues, all racing through the desert to reach the cold soft drink.

Both the teaser and the in-game ad asks viewers to go to, vote for their favorite group and also put obstacles for the team’s rivals. The final version of the ad will be shown after the game, minutes after the voting closes once the game’s final whistle is heard.

On Thursday, January 24th, at midnight, Audi will release three versions of its Super Bowl ad on its YouTube channel. The commercial will start with a young man heading towards the prom, without a date, but confident as he’s driving his father’s new 2013 Audi S6 high-performance sport sedan.

The car gives him so much confidence that he parks the vehicle in the principal’s parking spot and he even kisses the prom queen. The ad ends as he is confronted by the prom king leaving the consumers to decide what happens next. Once the three versions are posted, viewers have 24 hours to vote their favorite ending. The final version of the ad will be posted on Audi’s YouTube channel this Saturday, and of course during the game.

“It’s crucial to not only entertain Americans during the Super Bowl, but to also engage them in a broader conversation” says Loren Angelo, Audi of America general manager of brand marketing. “Running the spot (in-game) is important, but it’s also vital to get consumers to interact with the brand via social media.”

Other companies, such as Doritos, Toyota or Pepsi, are relying on consumer interaction, asking viewers to send them photos to be used in ads and even create themselves ads for the Super Bowl.


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