Audi Begins Development of Fuel Cell-Powered A7 image

Wolfgang Dürheimer, Audi’s technical chief said that the automaker has begun development for a fuel cell-powered A7.

The automaker will begin trials for the fuel cell-powered A7 at the end of August and it is believed that the model is part of the company’s new ‘tron’ range of sustainable technologies. Fuel cells create heat and electricity through an electro-chemical reaction between oxygen and fuel. In automotive applications fuel cells use hydrogen as the oxygen and fuel from the ambient air, therefore the only by-product is water.

The electricity produced by fuel cells can charge a battery or to drive electric engines for propulsion, while thermocouples capture the waste heat for additional electricity generation or for thermal systems. Back in 2009, Audi has tested the Q5 HFC, which was using two high-pressure cylinders of hydrogen to offer fuel-cell power to the Q5 HFC’s twin electric motors.

Hydrogen-powered cars emit only water, are refueled quickly, compared with EVs and automakers rely on them to increase their green credentials. Audi pays a particular interest in alternative fuels such as natural gas and hydrogen, which will continue to play an important role until battery technology will improve.