Audi, BMW China sales up in May image

Top German automakers BMW and Volkswagen AG’s Audi announced strong sales last month in China.

BMW AG, world’s largest premium carmaker said Tuesday that sales in China rose 32% on the year in May to 27,185 cars, marking the latest sign that demand for luxury vehicles still appears unaffected from growing economic concerns.

Over the first five months of this year, its sales in China rose 34.4 percent to 135,026 vehicles, BMW said on Tuesday.

BMW has said it plans to at least triple production in China to 300,000 vehicles, which still leaves it in the wake of rival Audi, which aims to expand production to 700,000 vehicles annually by around 2015.
On the same time, Volkswagen AG’s premium carmaker Audi said it sold 44.2 percent more cars in China in May than a year earlier.

The German automaker said Tuesday that in the January-May period, its vehicle sales were up 42.0 percent in China.

Vehicle production in China is expected to grow dramatically by 25 per cent this year. European car makers are leading the way with demand for German brand luxury vehicles in China surpassing volumes in the U.S. last year.