Audi builds 3-million A3s image

The German based automaker Audi is currently celebrating the 3 million unit of the A3, which has just rolled off the assembly line.

After announcing a milestone for the Golf, with 30 million units produced, the Volkswagen Group is currently celebrating the 3-millionth unit of the Audi A3, which has recently rolled off the assembly line.

“Three million automobiles in the compact class is quite a performance. This success is backed by a strong team and an efficient production system. With the Audi A3, we have created a new brand segment – we have been setting standards in the compact class with innovative technology and first-class quality for 17 years now”, said the board of management member for production at Audi AG, Frank Dreves.

The Audi A3 in question, wearing the 3-millionth mark on it, is a Sportback TDI, finished in white, with a 2.0 liter diesel unit under its hood, sending power to the Quattro all-wheel drive system. The third generation of the Audi A3 has been launched recently and it’s the first time ever when the carmaker has added a sedan version. The current model will also give birth to a Sportback e-tron, which should arrive sometimes in 2014.