A US company headquartered in Austin, Texas, and in the business of delivering luxury rental car services – Silvercar – has now been purchased by the VW Group subsidiary Audi.

The company has a car-sharing service that only offers silver (thus the name) Audi A4 to its customers, and is now a wholly owned subsidiary of the German automaker. Audi previously had a minority share but decided to expand it for total control last week – the two companies joined forces for the first time back in 2012, and Audi also participated in a $28 million series C round for Silvercar back in 2015. “It’s no secret that Silvercar and Audi have a longstanding relationship,” said Silvercar CEO Luke Schneider. “Heck, we’ve only ever rented Audi A4s… I believe, as does the Silvercar team, that we are on the verge of the most profound changes in the 120-year history of modern personal transportation.”

The Silvercar service appeared back in 2012 and delivers a premium rental experience to customers at certain U.S. airports around the country via a company mobile app. The companies haven’t been very explicit in their new strategy going together, but Audi announced it will soon offer a range of mobility services throughout America – possibly expanding the brand’s On Demand program, which is still in the trial stage.


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