The most expected automotive event this autumn, the Frankfurt Auto Show, is keeping everyone focused, including the car manufacturers, who are making big mistakes, as Audi probably did, for presenting ahead of its official debut a new concept.

The weird-looking car was quickly named the Audi City Concept and this time it wasn’t caught by spy photographers but by regular people, on the streets of Berlin, Germany, so that’s why we expect it to hit the Frankfurt Auto Show.

audi-city-car-concept-2According to witnesses, Audi’s small concept was near-silently, which can only mean one thing: electric powered. But this is probably coming just in time for Audi, especially with the German manufacturers like BMW’s Isetta and Messerschmitt who have a small history of tiny cabin two-passenger cars which use motorcycle technology.

This is not the first time that the Volkswagen Group has experimented with two-seaters and the 1-liter Concept was presented in 2002, coming seven years later with the L1 super-efficient concept.

Not much is known about the “City Concept” but we expect Audi to officially unveil it during the Frankfurt Auto Show in September.


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