Last week, Qoros Auto prevailed in the lawsuit filed by Audi in Switzerland, according to which the Qoros GQ3 name violated the company’s right to use the letter ‘Q’ on vehicles.

On February 27th, the Geneva court ruled that Audi has to pay to Qoros 15,000 Swiss francs ($16,026) and rejected the temporary injunction requested by the German automaker. According to Audi, the Qoros GQ3 infringes on its trademark right to use the letter ‘Q’ for its SUVs. Still, the ruling given by a court in Hamburg forced the Chinese-Israeli brand to change the model’s name to Qoros 3 Sedan. The model was unveiled on Tuesday, March 5th, at the Geneva Auto Show.

“The letter Q is a protected part of our brand portfolio,” according to an Audi executive quoted in the German newspaper Die Welt. “If another carmaker uses the letter Q for a nameplate, then this affects us of course.”

The response offered by Qoros was: “The GQ3 name has a clear definition, and will not lead to confusion with other car brands”. The letter Q simply stands for Qoros.”

The company added that the GQ3 is only a temporary codename until the automaker will decide the final name. Still, Audi’s objection comes as surprise for Qoros, as in February 2012, the German automaker objected the RQ3 and RQ5 trademark applications, but said nothing about he GQ3 name.


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