Audi plans to focus more on the used car business in the next financial year, expanding its presence in small towns such as Nagpur, India.

“So far, used car business in this segment is dominated by traders, but buyers may find a better bargain if original manufacturer refurbishes cars and sells with a warranty. Some luxury cars enter the second-hand market within 12 months of purchase,” said Michael Perschke, Audi’s India chief.

He also added that a supply of almost 1,500 used Audi cars is expected in this market, which represents around 18% of its actual market of over 7,500 cars in India. Audi targets the upper middle class buyers ho want to own a luxury car but cannot afford a new model. The Nagpur agency is expected to sell around 12-15 cars per month, with the showroom having the entire range, including a Spyder.

The company is also planning to open showrooms in Bhopal, Coimatore and Delhi West in April. Raipur showroom is expected to start in about two months. With the Audi showroom inaugurated, the city now has all three major luxury car brands, with BMW and Mercedes having already launched showrooms earlier.


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