Audi Group sees 10.1% operating return from three quarter sales image

The Audi Group sold 1, 180,748 cars in the first three quarters of 2013. As a result, the Ingolstadt-based company had sales revenues of €36,965 million and an operating profit of €3,743 million.

With these unit sales, the Audi Group had a revenue of €36,965 million, slightly smaller from 2012’s €37,667 million. This was mainly due to the increased demand for models of the new A3 family and dynamic rise in Asia and North America. At the same time, mixed effects – particularly due to slumping demand in the Western European countries affected by sovereign debt crises – and currency effects had a negative impact on revenue development, which at the end of September was 1.9 % lower than the record level of the previous year.

Operating profit slowed to €3,743 (2012: €4,197) million as a result of high upfront expenditures for new products and technologies, and the expansion of the international production network.

“We are making high upfront expenditures and investments now and in upcoming years in order to create an even stronger global position for Audi,” declared Axel Strotbek, Board Member for Finance and Organization, commenting on the Q3 results for AUDI AG.

He added that the company is now embarked on a sustainable growth journey, which can only be successfully achieved by means of both high upfront expenditures in new products and technologies as well as an expanded production network. Therefore, the Audi Group started the largest investment program in its history at the start of 2013 and will invest an average of over €3.5 billion every year until 2015.