Audi increased sales in China by 19 percent image

Premium automaker Audi announced that has increased its sales by 19%. According to Zhang Xiaojun, deputy managing director of the FAW-Volkswagen Audi Sales Division , Audi sold 100,000 units so far this year 19% more compared to 2007.
Audi AG Marketing and Sales Board Member Peter Schwarzenbauer said that Audi would probably sell one million units this year, making it one of the few auto brands able to accomplish the previous sales goals set at the beginning to the year, and marking the 13th consecutive year of breaking the annual sales record.
The FAW-Volkswagen Audi Sales Division officially launched new Audi A4L on Nov. 18. This is a new sedan customized for China market, concu rrently developed with the European model, according to FAW General Manager Xu Jianyi.
FAW-Volkswagen General Manager An Tiecheng said that almost 90,000 units of Audi A4 were sold in China, accounting for 40 percent market share since April 2003, when the sixth-generation Audi A4 was first la unched in China.