Audi increases global deliveries in October image

In October, around 131, 950 customers chose an Audi, a year-on-year increase of 6.7 %. This means that deliveries for the premium manufacturer have increased by 7.5 % to around 1,312,700 since January.

Last month, sales for Audi rose by 14.4 % in the Asia-Pacific region and by 9.6 % in North America. The brand with the four rings grew in Europe, too: up 1.3 %.

“With very positive development in the UK, the United States and China, we increased our sales in all regions around the world in October. In doing so, we are continuing our global growth pattern,” says Luca de Meo, Member of the Board of Management for Sales at Audi AG. “The successful launch of the A3 Sedan in its first markets has also contributed to this result.”

The brand with the four rings posted an increase of 3.9 % to around 39,000 deliveries in the European export markets last month. In Germany however, sales declined by 2.8 % to 22,801 cars sold. Across all European markets, Audi completed the month of October with a 1.3 % increase to around 61,800 units.

In the United States, demand for Audi models increased by 11 % to 13,001 cars delivered. The cumulative sales figure of 127,412 units since the beginning of the year is 13.4 % higher than prior-year figure.

In October, 41,117 Chinese customers received the keys to their new Audi. Deliveries thus exceeded the very strong prior-year month by a further 14.5 % – driven by the locally manufactured Q3, which has been available since April. The Audi sales statistics show 399,330 cars sold in China from January to October, an increase of 19.9 %.

Last month, Audi was once again able to increase sales significantly in other important growth markets, such as India (+17.9 % to 1,002 cars), Mexico (+10.7 % to 903 cars) and South Korea (+35.8 % to 1,853 cars).