Audi Initiates Voluntary Recall Involving 2,500 Cars image

Audi of America is initiating a voluntary recall involving 2,500 Audi A3, Audi TT and Audi TT Roadster models built between September 2008 and August 2009.

The recall applies to 2009 MY A3, TT and TT Roadster models equipped with S tronic transmissions during that production window. A very limited number of 2010 MY A3 cars equipped with S tronic transmissions are also affected. More than a quarter of the cars involved in the recall, or 667, are in dealer stock or at delivery ports. They will be inspected before sales to customers.

Some customers with the affected vehicles have experienced illuminated warning lamps in the dashboard, and in rare instances, reported that the transmission went into “neutral.”

In the coming weeks, owners of the affected vehicles will be contacted by Audi of America to schedule an appointment at their local dealer to have their vehicle inspected and repaired, if necessary.

Customers who have questions or concerns should contact the Audi Customer Relations Campaign Help Line at 1-800-253-AUDI (2834).