Audi Introduces TDI Engine in Next-Generation A4 Sedan image

Audi announced that customers will have the possibility to choose the TDI engine option for the next-generation A4 sedan.

Audi plans to introduce in 2014 a new version of its best-selling US model, the A4 sedan. In November the German automaker also announced its plans to introduce four more TDI models in the US. Audi of America President Scott Keogh told reporters today, March 13th, that dealerships in the US will get the 2-liter TDI engine A4 after the new generation arrives.

VW also announced recently its US diesel push, which reflects a strategy to reach the government’s average fuel economy standards without sacrificing torque. Although in the US diesel fuel is more expensive than the regular unleaded gasoline, automakers such as Mazda, Chevrolet and Jeep have recently presented models which take advantage of their better fuel economy.

“This deep in its life cycle, it didn’t make any sense to do all that dramatic re-engineering and re-architecting of the car to basically only have a two-year selling period,” said Scott Keogh.

In 2012 Audi sold 35,415 A4 units in the US, which accounts for one in four of the 139, 310 Audis sold in this market. In the US, Audi’s models fitted with the TDI engine are the A3 hatchback and the Q7 crossover, the first one to be replaced with the new A3 sedan in 2014.