Audi introducing dedicated sales services for performance customers image

Volkswagen AG’s luxury marquee Audi, the second largest premium automaker in the world, is now introducing special areas in certain showrooms across the globe for clients opting for the R8 supercar and high performance RS variants.

The carmaker mulls the creation of 200 so-called Audi Sport dealers around the world by the year’s end and in the long run it will have about 600 Audi Sport dealerships – one in five of its worldwide web of dealers. “The guys that drive the RS6 are probably our most premium customers because they are petrol heads that really don’t count the money. We need to handle these people in a different way, ” comments Luca De Meo, Audi board member in charge of marketing and sales.

The carefully selected Audi dealers will have a specialized “shop-in-shop” experience with dedicated sales and aftersales staff that take care of certain services. The Audi Sport dealers will have a differentiated sales and aftersales process for the RS and R8 customers – which equals to around 15,000 sales around the world each year. Still, the entire Audi dealer network will have the option to sell the models, as the Audi Sport dealers will not become the exclusive owners of the right. The Audi Sport initiative is only the first in a wider strategy to have the brand’s sales differentiated more by product and type of model. So far, the company has been treating undifferentiated a client opting for the affordable A1 subcompact or the one searching for a fully loaded A8 flagship.

Via Automotive News Europe